A dentists family

Why many dentists continue to work on the family dental business

Have you ever met a family with multiple people or precisely dentists in the same dental business? More like in a family dental business? Ever wondered what causes them to join the same family dental business and felt weird about their love regarding mouths and teeth? Well you are on just the right spot because I am going to tell you why. Hold your horses!

  1. Already established clinics:

Dentists from the same family consider joining an already established dental clinic or business. Instead of going for another piece of land, and another ownership, another team, they decide to join someone in their family who is already well established in this field. It is much easier and convenient rather than looking for a new team to work with, train them and get along.

  1. Not enough capital:

One of the main reasons of joining the family dental business is not having the sufficient capital amount for a head start. So instead of striving for a new business setup family comes to the rescue and they team up with the family dental business.

  1. Passion:

Well another reason for becoming a dentist and joining the business is, maybe they just like the profession! Plus joining the family business can bring much more exposure for a person trying to fit in into the world of teeth and braces. Everyone should pursue their passion after all, so why not use a head start from your family business and get a hang of it!

  1. A known name:

Well if you are a dentist and your family dental business is getting quite along in the market, is recognized an a good scale and  has a good reputation, what is better than getting affiliated to the business rather than striving years on a new name. Tannlege Christoffer Bjelland in Bergen said in an interview “I think that if people recognize a certain name and look forward to it and rely upon it”, and we can’t agree more, there is no better option other than getting affiliated to it and help the business grow and prosper.

  1. One to one interaction:

One of the perks of becoming a dentist is getting engaged in a one to one interaction with your patient. On the other hand if you are a surgeon, multiple people work with you. One gives the anesthesia, one gets the incision done, one checks the vitals and stuff, where as a dentist interacts directly with his patient and has a better exposure.

  1. Family traditions:
A carefree family
carefree family traditions

Another main reason is just a matter of family traditions. People study, become dentists, and ultimately fall into the family dental business just to get the tradition going. They open different branches and work in multiple places, expanding the business.

  1. Dental practice:

Well if someone just recently got his degree and wishes to practice and learn on practical grounds, what is better than the family dental business? It provides exposure, practice and experience which adds a bit more perk to your CV.

These were some of the reasons why many dentists go for their family dental business rather than starting new ones.